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Web Development involves the building of back-end architecture to support a particular function of the site, for example, search functionality, log in and sign up features, content management systems, social networking tools and e-commerce solutions. The
end result is a more interactive site that users and customers can engage with on a more immersive level.
  Websites like this are linked to a database using advanced web programming techniques. All of our database driven projects use the 'LAMP' solution stack of software, which means the 'Linux' operating system, the 'Apache' web server, a 'MySQL' database and 'PHP' as the scripting language to facilitate real-time communication between the database and the site.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Sometimes our clients need to be able to update the content on their site themselves at regular intervals. In such cases, we build a tailor-made CMS, which makes it quick and easy for in-house staff to update content on the site.

E-Commerce Solutions
If you want to sell products or services directly through your website, accept credit card payments or build an online store with a shopping cart system, we can provide a solution built to your specifications and individual needs.

Custom Web Applications
New web technologies and business models are being developed every day. If your business needs a bespoke web application built, look no further. Examples include social networks, media sharing sites, wikis and webmail.