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Motion Design is the art of graphic design within the context of motion graphics such as film, video or computer animation. Examples include the typography and graphics you see as the titles for a film, opening sequences for television, or the spinning online animations and three-dimensional logos for TV stations. Our main focus is on web-based motion graphic design.   Although this art form has been around for decades, it has taken quantum leaps forward in recent years, in terms of technical sophistication. If you watch much TV or see many films, you may have noticed that the graphics, typography and visual effects have become much more elaborate and sophisticated. This is particularly evident in current time-based advertising.

Video Production / Post-Production
If you require video for your website or for your online advertising campaign, we can plan and produce on-site or studio-based material, and edit as required. If you already have footage, post-production can be done in-house.

2D / 3D Animation
Animation can be a very effective way to make your website stand out from your competitors, whether it's an animated interface, banner ad, or online video. 3D modelling and animation can help add that professional touch.

CGI Video Effects
Using advanced computer generated imagery techniques and software, we can add special effects to video footage, create kinetic typography or produce interactive simulations, walk-throughs and panoramic tours.