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Sound design encompasses any and all audio aspects of a time-based media project. In terms of web design, it includes everything from music composition to button sound effects and soundtracks for motion graphics showreels. We cover the entire spectrum of sound design, from concept to conclusion, recording to mixing. We have access to a broadcast quality recording studio.   Good sound design can dramatically enhance the immersion level of an interactive web environment,
in particular, flash-based rich media sites. We also produce voice-overs and will work with you to develop a 'Sonic Personality' for your site, which can establish your identity and embed your brand in the minds of your users by giving your site a human voice.

Music Composition
We can write and record original music for your website, using traditional instruments combined with the latest in Virtual Studio Technology (VST) software, that will appeal to your specific audience and enhance your online profile.

Using the latest in audio multi-track recording and post-production software, we can edit and manipulate your audio material in ways you can only imagine to produce the perfect mix and a sound that's unique to your business.

Sound Effects
Video, animation and interface design all benefit greatly from the effective use of sound effects. We can work with your material and create quality sound effects so that your website or online content stands out from the crowd.